Tender Journey Blog Team

Tender Journey is proud to welcome a new addition to our family: The Tender Journey Blog Team! Please help us make our new blog team feel at home and comfortable as they voluntarily share their own journeys toward parenthood with all of you. I (Melissa) owner of TJ, began blogging in 2016 as we jumped head first into IVF for a second time. The support and love was enormous. To have such an outlet was priceless. We hope that our new Bloggers will feel the same type of support from readers as they move forward on their unique paths.

Melissa Randazzo

Owner, IVF Mom, Male and Female Infertility, Travel Patient


Vanessa wrote for Tender Journey (on our Facebook page) throughout her first experience with IVF. She was a travel patient from Michigan to New York. Vanessa experienced secondary infertility. Click here to read all of her Facebook posts in one place!


Olivia is a 27 year old, IVF Mom. Her husband is a college football coach! They have been together for 6 years and have been married for 3 years. They had their beautiful IVF daughter in 2018.

Olivia loves Target and cake, but who doesn’t?


Merry is the 34 year old wife of 6 years to Ryan. Together, they have an IVF miracle son, Shawn who is 2. They are currently trying for a sibling. Merry owns “Just Dance” in Imlay City, Michigan. In order to help with IVF treatments, she also sells Color Street.


Megan is an IVF Mom to 2 amazing little ones. She is married to her husband, Keith.