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All pieces are handmade and made to order upon purchase in house by Co-Owner & Jeweler, Paul Randazzo.

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Born in My Heart

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Many couples are given the gift of becoming parents by opening their hearts and arms to children through adoption and/or foster care. The Born in My Heart pendant is designed using the symbol for adoption/foster care.

Born in My Heart Mini

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Me & My Mini Set

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Fertility Goddess

The symbol of the Fertility Goddess is often used to represent motherhood. For some, this pendant portrays a woman’s hope and love for the child she longs to hold in her arms. For others, it is a symbol of love for a child once infertility is resolved. Infertility causes a couple to feel a multitude of emotions. This pendant was designed to show the strength of a woman’s love for her children.

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Precious Path

The Precious Path Pendant utilizes the swirl, a commonly used fertility symbol, to depict the path that couples experiencing infertility travel along. Unknown to them where their own path will take them, they press on in hopes for the future. The birthstone in the center may have different meanings for each couple, as every experience is unique.

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Love Has no Ending

The Love Has No Ending Pendant was designed based off of the symbol for pregnancy loss and miscarriage. During our struggle with infertility, we met couples who were unable to maintain a pregnancy or lost their baby during delivery. This pendant perfectly portrays what they all shared with us, “I will always love my child.” The infinity symbol is intertwined with the heart to display this amazing and unending love.

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Each of the circles in the “Trinity” pendant depict a trimester in the 9 months of pregnancy. Many who experience infertility are burdened by the thought of never experiencing pregnancy. They wish and pray to become a parent. In the center, is a birthstone. The birthstone chosen can have different meanings for each person.

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Love Still Grows

“Love Still Grows” was designed by a mommy of two angels. It represents that we will still love, remember, and honor our angel babies forever. The love for our babies is engraved in our roots and will grow with us always.

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This pendant is a special part of our Tender Journey Collection because it was inspired by our daughter, Liliana. The pendant is our way of showing the love we already had for her when she was only a thought in our minds.

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In My Heart

The swirl, a common fertility symbol, is surrounded by a heart, in the “In My Heart” pendant. On the path to parenthood, everyone has unique emotions and experiences. Many hold these feelings deep within, they hold their journey in their heart.

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Journey of the Heart

“Journey of The Heart” represents the journey toward parenthood. The swirl represents that no journey is the same, following it’s own twists and turns. For some, the swirl may end with the love of a child. For others, their journey is complete when their options cease and they must find peace with their infertility journey. The journey’s completion is represented by the heart in the center.

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The infinity symbol is continuous and “Everlasting.” No beginning, no ending.

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Frozen Hope

A small snowflake pendant designed to honor a frozen embryo transfer, IUI after cryopreservation, etc.

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Izabel was designed to honor our daughter, Izzy, who was born with a heart defect. This left the right side of her heart smaller than the left.

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