A Moral Dilema

Frozen embryos: a topic I swore I wouldn’t discuss. It is one of those topics that I feel is personal and controversial. Today, I am holding my breath and diving in, head first. We have 5 frozen embryos. In my mind, they are potential babies. Given the chance, they could become little people. My little […]

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More Than.

When I began this blog, it was to document our infertility story. Somehow, our story ended up taking these crazy twists and turns. Having an outlet has been a blessing for me. While I questioned the place in our blog for testicular cancer or heart defects, I decided that they belong here. They are a […]

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To My Izabel…

We prayed for you. We went through IVF, an FET, and asked others to pray for you to join our family. Finally, you were real. When you were born, we had a short 24 hours before they swooped you off and took you to an entirely different hospital. Your sister and I were left to […]

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The Girls Have Arrived

On January 4th, our lives changed forever. First came Violet. Next came Izabel. Perfect little girls. You have followed along. You have prayed for our family. Finally, we can say our little girls are here and they are loved beyond words by so many people. Thank you! On January 5th, things took an unexpected turn […]

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